Maximising branding and marketing tools to sell online broadcast tickets

by | Feb 23, 2021

A utility article from TicketCo Media Services on how to use branding and marketing tools to sell more tickets.

Behind every good show is a carefully considered and attractive marketing and branding plan. Getting marketing right will help you sell more tickets.

Ensuring your customers are informed on all aspects of your live broadcast is a key component in satisfying your viewers’ digital demands. TicketCo Media Services has developed a ’10 Steps to Streaming Success’ Welcome Pack to help organisers get the most out of their online broadcasting experience.

In our latest insight, we speak to Simon Baker, Technical Director and Digital Producer at Wise Children, to learn more about how to best promote your show using our integrated online broadcasting and payment platform that supports branding and marketing.

Getting started

Branding allows you to white label the visual look of the customers’ journey on the platform – from your landing page to the e-ticket.

Branding can be applied in several areas on our website: event page, organisation domain, online broadcasting platform, checkout and PDF / wallet. There are several specifications regarding what image types, resolutions and fonts are supported by our platform. These specifications can be viewed in our Welcome Pack.

“Like any new platform, it takes time to get the brand look and feel right,” said Simon. “There are two things to do in the branding and marketing section – sell the show, but also sell the experience as a new way of watching a show.”

To activate our branding feature, email for further support.

Personal touch

Once you have activated the branding feature under organiser settings, there are a number of elements that can personalise your pages. These are: header logo image, header background colour, primary and background colour, main foreground and background colour, main label foreground colour and main font.

Simon said: “It’s important to do some testing to see how the branding appears from your viewers’ point of view. We invested plenty of time in ensuring our layout looked professional on both mobile and desktop sites, which vary a little, so I strongly advise playing around with branding feature settings.”

Useful tools

Organisers are provided with several useful time-saving tools within the marketing bracket.

In our guide to branding and marketing, Simon goes into more detail about how tracking links, Google Tag Manager, gift cards and our contact attendees’ features can significantly reduce the amount of time you invest in your show without taking away its quality.

“At Wise Children, we found the contact attendees and gift card features particularly invaluable,” said Simon. “Contact attendees allows a broadcaster to contact every person viewing that event with a targeted email. We used this feature to send a ‘how to view’ information guide on the day of the show. We found this reduced the number of questions to our box office by a considerable amount. We also used gift card feature which many ticket buyers enjoyed purchasing for their friends and family so they too could experience lockdown theatre.”

Event branding

The platform includes tools to fully brand your event and push out compelling branded content to market your event and achieve buy-in from your audience. It can help sell the experience and the new way of watching the show, via streaming.

You can set up multiple branding templates under ‘Branding’ and ‘Organiser Settings’ and you can select which branding template is your default. The default branding will be applied to all of your event automatically, unless otherwise specified. This will ensure you achieve consistency with your event branding throughout your campaign.

It is very simple to set up and you do not need to be a designer. There are many fantastic applications available to help you theme your event, from Easter to Christmas, vintage to modern, or to showcase a sponsor, artist or logos.

Maintaining your audience

Organisers have the option to add questions to their users’ journey. Used correctly, this tool can be used as a subtle way of engaging with your audiences in the future in a time-effective way.

“At Wise Children, we created obligatory questions such as ‘I would like to receive email updates and marketing materials from Wise Children’ then added a yes and no button,” said Simon. “Once we made our questions, we then allocated them to each ticket. It might feel odd, but it makes sense if you use questions for other reasons such as collecting postal addresses to send merchandise to.”

Attractive marketing

The simplest way to market your event is to use the ‘link to event’ URL within the event details page.

However, in some examples an iFrame code for your event might be more suitable. An iFrame is an inline frame used inside a webpage to load another HTML document inside it. They are common in WordPress and on YouTube too. Our Welcome Pack guides organisers using TicketCo Media Services’ technology through the entire process of how you can generate an iFrame code.

To access our full guide to branding and marketing tools please visit here.

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Written by Greig Box Turnbull

Experienced communications and strategic PR advisor, with a strong background in journalism and public relations. Founder of Fortitude Communications, director of Oxford City ice hockey club and Vice Chair of Oxford United in the Community. A former Daily Mirror journalist and Oxford United FC managing director.

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