Maximising social media to build awareness of your digital event

by | Jun 7, 2021

Digital insight agency Adroit have outlined the top three tactics sports clubs can use to sell more tickets via social media.

Analysts examined the digital impact of the ice hockey Streaming Series and revealed how clubs can use social media to increase fan engagement, build awareness and generate increased revenue. With 2.4 billion people globally using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily the platforms are a goldmine to utilise to promote events.

Streaming Series

Adroit Digital Director Nathan Shilton has followed Swindon Wildcats ice hockey club since the 1980s and recently analysed the digital impact of the Streaming Series. The tournament was the first UK ice hockey event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and was broadcast online via TicketCo Media Services integrated live stream and ticketing platform.

“Adroit wanted to learn if teams competing in the Streaming Series were getting their message across with maximum impact to their potential live stream audience,” said Nathan. “Marketing via social media has exploded since the start of the pandemic and we expect this trend to continue.”


Below are Nathan’s top four tips on how sports clubs can best utilise social media platforms to grow their digital audience when marketing their hybrid event.

Target influencers

A social media influencer is someone with a dedicated online following who is viewed as an expert within their niche. Typically, they are supplied free products or paid in exchange for an awareness post on their online platforms.

Years ago, influencers were limited to celebrities due to the public’s inability to communicate with large numbers of people in the absence of social media. Now, organisations can use influencers to promote their brand at the touch of a button.
But how can influencers help promote your club’s live stream?

“In ice hockey’s example, we’re not telling clubs to ask star players like Sidney Crosby to represent their brand,” explained Nathan. “An influencer can be a prolific local fan who has it in their interest to promote their club of choice. Essentially, you are using other users’ networks to amplify your message, namely buy a ticket for this weekend’s live stream. This can be achieved by asking them to share posts or publish a video message to supporters encouraging them to buy a ticket.”


Emojis can make your social media posts stand out. They break down heavy text and appeal to the scrolling customer.
From facial expressions to animals, hand gestures and sports equipment, emojis cover all sectors.

A recent study by Wordstream discovered using an emoji in a social media post can increase engagement by 25%.
It is a simple strategy which can make your live stream promotional posts appeal visually.

“We’re a lazy generation,” said Nathan. “If a post is not a video, does not contain emojis or a lively photo, people will scroll on. Clubs which played in the Streaming Series used emojis well to help bring their posts to life. It’s about making your channel stand out from the ordinary.”

Consistent hashtags

Hashtags are used as a way for clubs to connect social media content to a specific topic or theme.

For example, clubs competing in the Streaming Series used #StreamingSeries at the conclusion of each post so users not following teams’ accounts could still engage with the competition.

Nathan explained: “Digital is 24/7, so social media changes very quickly. You have got to be on the ball with your hashtags.

“Importantly, be consistent. A number of clubs hop about with the hashtags they use which is inconsistent for fans who follow games under this format. The value of hashtags, particularly on Twitter, and their ability to develop your potential online audience shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Global trends

It is estimated there are between 8,000 and 10,000 trending topics on Twitter each day. Only a handful will perform well enough to engage audiences on a global scale.

Nathan suggests all sports clubs should monitor trends daily and immediately consider how they can maximise online presence through quick-thinking and efficient posts.

“Every time you see a trend which is exploding in popularity, consider if it is relevant to your organisation,” said Nathan. “If it is, jump on it. Being on board with global conversations will always increase your reach. Increasing your reach means you are engaging with more people.

“Imagine sticking an A4 poster on the side of a main road with no pavement, your reach would be very low. But the same poster in the town centre will reach far more because that is where people congregate – it’s the same with trends on social media.”

Established in 2011, Adroit is a data and insight agency which helps organisations innovate, embrace change and gain strategic advantage to maximise online reach.

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Written by Greig Box Turnbull

Experienced communications and strategic PR advisor, with a strong background in journalism and public relations. Founder of Fortitude Communications, director of Oxford City ice hockey club and Vice Chair of Oxford United in the Community. A former Daily Mirror journalist and Oxford United FC managing director.

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