How to sell merchandise at events

by | Jan 25, 2018

Selling merchandise at your event or festival is a brilliant way of generating that extra revenue and make profit. You are also making an investment in your brand as people will use your merchandise in public which is a great form of advertising.


To arrange the right merchandising for your event, with high quality, is the first part of the process. The second is to have the right sales tool that lets you utilise the right channels to make it sell.

TicketCo provides event organisers with a perfect sales tool that assists with all aspects of merchandise sales. In addition to selling tickets to your event, we also help you with the sale of merchandise as part of the same purchasing process.

Here are some valuable tips to help you making the most of the benefits of merchandise sales.

Select your merchandise partner wisely

  • Find a reliable partner with great service that you can trust to deliver your orders on time and to your specifications.
  • Make sure your partner has experience in creating merchandise – don’t just choose the cheapest and easiest solution.
  • Sensing that you can have a great relationship with your vendor is essential to get everything right.
  • You should be encouraged to be sent samples free of charge to verify look and feel before placing a big order.

Quality and creativity

Always remember that your merchandise is a part of your event brand, so make sure that it creates great vibes so people actually want to buy it. Your brand will therefore get enhanced with its strong presence.

It also ensures brand longevity by enabling your event to be held in the minds of the visitors for a long period afterwards. Your merchandise should therefore aim to be of high quality, interesting and cool for people to use and wear, take pictures of and share on social media.


Merchandise costings and pricing

Find merchandise at a decent cost whilst keeping the quality to the standards you need. It’s easy to be carried away with costly material that will be difficult to later sell at a profit.

Not selling the merchandise too expensive is key to create a demand, whilst not selling too cheap giving the impression that your merchandise is of low quality.


Bundling and up-selling your merchandise with tickets

Bundling your merchandise sales with the ticket sales is the absolute best way of selling your merchandise. It give you predictability and at the same time as it will increase your turnover.

When it’s in the same purchasing process it also saves you both time and cost, as you avoid having to administer several parallel systems. It also creates many more opportunities in promoting and selling your merchandise.


Many organisers sell more than just tickets through TicketCo. With our shopping cart feature, you can offer both products and services linked to each ticket purchase. It works perfectly with our fast track payments with a single click, eliminating user accounts and passwords. When it’s easy to purchase online, you simply sell more!

Her are a few tips on how you can bundle and up-sell your merchandise:

  • Introduce merchandise in your TicketCo checkout, customised based on the type of tickets you sell
  • Bundle your early bird tickets with merchandise
  • Offer a deal when purchasing tickets – such as 10% discount one one or more items
  • Create merchandise packages – such as 4 t-shirts and hoodies for the price of 3
  • Make a competition on social media with your merchandise as a winning price. This can easily be managed by sending across a 100% discount code of the item to the winner who can easily add it onto the ticket order.
  • Consider offering free items with group ticket purchases, providing that extra incentive toward buying more tickets.

Promoting and selling both tickets and merchandise

Promoting and selling your merchandise alongside your tickets is easy with TicketCo. In our guide selling tickets to your event we suggest the following:

  • List your tickets anywhere online by using the TicketCo iFrames on your own webpage and your social media channels
  • You can also pass on the iFrames to let your event partners, the artists, speakers and affiliates use their channels to further boost your ticket and merchandise sales
  • Advertise your event on Facebook and measure the ROI
  • An iZettle card reader can be seamlessly integrated with your TicketCo event system and allows you to have your very own box office in your pocket. You can therefore set up box offices anywhere and sell your bundles before your event, such as through a pop up stand in the city centre or in a park on a sunny summer day!

Giving your audience a smooth experience

When your audience arrive at the entrance and you scan their QR codes with the TicketCo app, you will also see their merchandise purchases on your smartphone or iPad screen.

Provide a great customer experience by directing them directly to your brilliantly decorated merchandise booth to easily collect the items. The purchases are verified via our free fast-scanning app that is compatible with any smartphone, which enables you to set up enough staff at no extra hardware cost to enable fast collection and reduced queues for your audience so they can enjoy the rest of your event without any interruptions!

Get started with selling merchandise for your event:

We hope you enjoyed the guide!

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