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by | Apr 16, 2021

An exciting new platform uniting physical and digital gig-goers with artists and music venues has been launched in the UK. is a platform for live streaming and on-demand broadcasting developed for venues wishing to reach audiences here and globally while supporting live music venues and artists, pandemic or not.

The service was established by Latest Music Bar with the support of the national Music Venues Alliance thanks to Arts Council England’s financial support of digital events. It has been integrated with TicketCo Media Services’ platform to enable events to be broadcast and sold online, benefitting music venues and artists.

“’s launch will help music venues, like the Latest Music Bar, across the UK with hybrid events breaking down barriers which previously prevented people from attending gigs,” said Bill Smith, CEO of The Latest.

Supporting the events industry gigs will be delivered in three formats – live stream, on demand and hybrid. Artists will be able to choose which venue to perform at either digitally or physically with virtual venues being developed by Bradford based The Mill TV.

“ is a community where gig-goers, music venues and artists of all genres can meet digitally to enjoy the best music the UK has to offer,” said Bill. “It’s powered by artists in conjunction with music venues.”

To date, 30 venues have signed up to

Early adopters

Venues that have already signed up to’s digital hub include Vortex Jazz Club in London, The Mill in Bradford and Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club. Performances will be filmed and broadcast on location or in The Latest’s’ green screen studio or live music venue. Streamland.UK will also broadcast musicals with Julie Burchill’s Hard Times on Easy Street and Brighton Rock by Bill Kenwright to feature this summer.

Bill added: “People will, understandably, want to go out when restrictions ease which is great for venues. What can do is further monetise performances by reaching out to audiences unable to attend events due to health, travel or financial reasons.”

Track record continues Latest’s partnership with TicketCo Media Services to deliver events digitally.

In October last year, music venues in Brighton programmed a series of hybrid gigs to protect the city’s vibrant music scene via Live is Alive. These events were all streamed by Latest and then made available on demand.

Bill said: “Viewers really bought into the live streaming model, and we have every confidence that this will continue following the successful delivery of Live is Alive in the autumn. Each hybrid performance proved to people in Brighton and further afield that digital events are reliable, cost-effective and of high quality.

“It takes lots of planning and preparation, but our digital shows are delivered in a cost-effective way which is sustainable.

“The key for us now is to use that audience trust by transferring them from free-to-view platforms like Facebook and YouTube onto TicketCo’s integrated live streaming model. That way, everyone involved benefits and we create a community.”

Smooth journey

The Latest understood the true value of quality streaming from trials before they partnered with us.

“Facebook was prone to cutting out,” said Bill. “Generally, it was unreliable – but people weren’t paying for it so they had no leg to stand on concerning complaints. Our first experience of live streaming with TicketCo on the other hand was very positive. The quality, customer experience and customer service was excellent.

“From Live is Alive, we have learnt how to promote people to buy tickets for digital events. Ultimately, live streaming still has to be financially viable for it to work and our events since Live is Alive with TicketCo have been more than viable.”

Hybrid future

With more people inclined to watch performances from home, are hybrid events the future of the live event industry? Bill certainly thinks so.

He said: “Hybrid events are the future. Music venues are preparing to deliver physical and digital events once COVID-19 restrictions ease. can marry artists and venues with viewers via our platform so I don’t see hybrid events as detrimental to a live show. In my opinion digital events act as an invaluable add on that can help young artists reach thousands of people across the world rather than hundreds in one venue. Like Glastonbury, you can go there or watch from afar.

“People enjoy sharing multiple experiences with friends, this can be achieved by both attending physically or hosting a party at home with a performance on TV. The Latest had decades filming bands, artists, festival for TV. represents the biggest shift in event delivery during that time.”

Leading innovation

Brighton-based TV, magazine, live venue and music organisation The Latest champions the city’s news, entertainment, music, sport, politics and culture via its TV channel, on Freeview Channel 7 159 Virgin Media, entertainment venue and digital magazine.

It employs 20 members of staff and works on a national scale too, producing television programmes in cities across the UK including Sheffield, Nottingham, Belfast and across Kent. In recent years, the company has used streaming to broadcast Brighton’s Pride and Shakedown Festivals which have featured star names from Ed Sheeran to Dizzee Rascal.

But their latest project will take The Latest’s’ reach to new audiences.

Visit Streamland UK | Live Event Streaming for Music Venues for further information about

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Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.

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