The importance of a secure live stream

by | Sep 14, 2020

Pay-per-view live streaming is a new topic for many organisers. What should you consider when choosing your supplier or solution? Secure live streams is definitely an issue to ponder.

Scammers who put clickable links to fake ticket companies on Facebook and YouTube pages are a huge problem on the internet. Scammers have been found to be using Facebook phishing scams with fake pages and events set up to redirect fans and illegally charge them. The scam would typically state “buy tickets here”, or they may even pretend to be the actual ticketing provider and attach a fake link to the ticketing provider’s logo.

This problem has accelerated with the increased number of live streaming events that has appeared after the outbreak of Covid-19. Click here for a September 2020 article in Ticketing Business News addressing how virtual festivals in the UK have been targeted by scammers that have been charging fans to view free live streams.

A serious trust issue

Facebook phishing scams are of course a problem for the actual organisers and ticket buyers who are affected, but it is also a trust issue for the entire event industry when it is now moving forward with pay-per-view live streaming as an important part of the portfolio.

Virtual ticket buyers need to have faith in the links they are clicking on and the payment forms they are filling in, and a way to build such trust is to use a provider who delivers the virtual ticket with all necessary log-in information immediately after the payment has been processed.

Why is this an issue?

Spam filters, confusion, fake links, and credit card scam

A lot of streaming platforms informs you – just after a ticket has been purchased – that you will receive a link a couple of hours before the show. This may create the following possibilities:

  • The link can go in the spam filter
  • The ticket buyer gets confused and will search for more information on the artist’s page
  • The ticket buyer may find fake links containing viruses and Facebook spam
  • Fake pages can also scam credit cards, ask for personal information and details etc

Why this is not an issue with TicketCo TV

  • You go straight to the stream after purchasing a ticket
  • We send out tickets to the live stream immediately after the purchase (like we do with million of tickets every month)
  • We are white listed on the large mailing networks
  • You can use the Apple TV app directly by typing the reference code in your ticket. No link needed.
  • We have a self service ticket retriever that can be used in case the ticket buyer gets a ticket in spam or looses the ticket
  • We automatically also send out an actual ticket (and not just a link) before the event to make sure the ticket buyer has the ticket on top of their in-box