TicketCo is scaling in Europe, and is targeting the football and theatre segment for pay-per-view live streaming through TicketCo TV

by | Oct 22, 2020

The Norwegian cloud based payments platform TicketCo innovated to launch pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand when Europe closed down earlier this year. After a successful launch in the UK, Norway and Sweden it is now fully scaling into Europe with the streaming solution, targeting the football and theatre segments as a start.

“We have seen great success in the UK in recent weeks. The Southbank Centre has done a great series of video on demand events via TicketCo TV,” said TicketCo’s Chief Sales Officer Carl-Erik M Moberg. “And the Bristol based theatre company Wise Children sold more than 11,000 virtual tickets to its five live streamed events of Romantics Anonymous at Bristol Old Vic. This has led to quite a lot of attention across the theatre industry in the UK, and we are now seeing a steady stream of new customers,” he added.

TicketCo have also seen lower league football clubs embracing its streaming solution.

“When the clubs were suddenly banned from letting fans into their matches, they needed a quick solution to go digital. Altrincham FC were the first National League club to approach us, and we are already up and running with them with great success,” Mr Moberg added.

Entering Europe with TicketCo TV

With the lock down situation being more or less the same throughout all of Europe, TicketCo have decided to scale its operations across the Euro Zone.

“What has proven to work in the UK will work throughout the rest of Europe as well,” said Mr Moberg. “We have now established an entity in the Netherlands to handle the operations as part of this European expansion and the product part of the operation is self serviced and ready to be utilised anywhere.”

Goldman Sachs foresee a huge market

When asked whether there is a market for paid live streaming, the TicketCo CSO refers to Goldman Sachs and the recent Indigo’s National Audience research – Act 2.

Mr Moberg said: “Earlier this year Goldman Sachs published a report regarding the music industry, where they foresee that the streaming audience will grow by 400 percent by 2030.

“Also, the Indigo’s National Audience research – Act 2 shows that some 84% of the British live audience are interested in consuming culture online, and half of them are willing to pay for it. This tells us that there is a market for TicketCo TV today, and that this market will increase significantly during the next decade. When this happens our aim is to be at the forefront of the market.”

A peerless one-stop-shop

TicketCo TV is a pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand service built into a robust payments platform that has processed millions of orders. The combination enables unique monetising possibilities, and it offers a peerless one-stop-shop for virtual and physical tickets, goods or services.

On Friday 23rd October TicketCo hosted a webinar for theatres and theatre producers throughout Europe, where we gave a general insight into the topic of pay-per-view live streaming and video on demand. On Tuesday 27th October we ran a similar webinar for football clubs. You can find a recording of both by clicking the button below

About us:

At TicketCo we have built our business on providing an easy to use digital platform for event organisers, artists, and venues to sell tickets and market their events. We have always been at the forefront of developing our own technology to adapt and provide a service and platform that is relevant in the digital age.

When lockdown hit the industry the team at TicketCo soon realised it was an opportunity and the company invested in R&D to develop and launch TicketCo TV, a new pay per view live streaming and video on demand service. It is combined with our ticketing platform so organisers and artists can monetise digital content and events.