TicketCo is the ideal payment platform for events of any size

by | Feb 27, 2020

Since arriving in the UK market, TicketCo has provided systems for large festivals and sporting competitions, but that doesn’t mean smaller event organisers have been left behind. We spoke to Global Account Manager Emma Langeland about what the platform offers for more niche gatherings.

All event sizes catered for

The beauty of TicketCo’s scalable system lies in its versatility, allowing it to cater for top-flight football crowds or small-town theatre groups, and everything in between.

“TicketCo is suited to any event organiser, small or large,” said Emma Langeland, who looks after small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at TicketCo. “Whatever your event, the TicketCo platform can help. It can be anything from theatre groups to dancing classes or squash clubs. We can provide tickets for paid-for or free events.”

The message is clear, if you are hosting an event of any size TicketCo is the perfect platform for several reasons.


No risk, no hidden costs

“For the event organiser there is no risk,” explained Emma. “There are no registration fees, or monthly or annual costs that come with it. You literally just sign up and go, and TicketCo takes a small portion of every ticket sold.”

“It’s self-service and our system is very easy to operate. I usually send event organisers a user guide and they are good to go without any other assistance from us. There’s a lot of freedom and flexibility, and that’s what I think a lot of organisers like.”

Keep more of the ticket money

Organisers of small and medium-sized events are often running to tight budgets making sure every penny counts. TicketCo, which was founded in Norway eight years ago and launched in the UK in 2018, understands these constraints and takes minimal commission.

Emma said: “It’s standard for other platforms to take eight to 10 per cent of each ticket sale, but with TicketCo the standard commission is lower than that. We’re also open to discussing your events and your requirements. If anyone has any feedback, we want to hear it.”

“The founders of TicketCo were event organisers themselves, so they knew the problems that they faced and they created a system that solved every single one of them. Other platforms are much older and they can’t relaunch a new system because everything is already tied in, so our technology and our systems are way ahead.”

So simple for ticket buyers

TicketCo’s selling platform integrates seamlessly with existing websites and Facebook pages using simple cut-and-paste HTML or iFrames. For tickets buyers this creates a hassle-free journey to purchase, and their tickets are dispatched with similar ease.

Emma explained: “When purchasing a ticket, customers can choose to have it emailed to them as an attachment which they can print out at home and bring to the event, or they can receive their ticket in a text message – at no extra cost – that they can add to their phone’s wallet, like they would with a boarding pass for a flight.”

“If an attendee loses their printed ticket they aren’t lost on the system, the transaction can always be traced so they can still get into the event. That’s impossible on many other platforms.”

Analytics as standard

Unlike other systems that do not share valuable customer data with event organisers, TicketCo knows just how precious this can be for promoters looking to retain audiences.

Emma said: “A big advantage of our system is that event organisers have full access to a report which shows how many tickets have been sold and where those people come from.”

“If you want to invite previous guests to the next event we have a feature called ‘contact your ticket buyers’ and you can send them a message or email about the new event. The message can contain a link to buy tickets.”

The personal touch

Whether you are running a popular show for a large audience, an intimate event, or even if you have a free event that needs ticketing, Emma and her team want to hear from you. Event organisers can schedule a phone call via the TicketCo website, or fill in an online form and receive more information.

“We pride ourselves on the personal touch,” said Emma, “It’s about more than just money for us, we really care about our customers, whether they are small or large. Our whole journey has been based around listening to what event organisers want.”

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