Time slots ideal for gradual re-opening

by | Jun 5, 2020

With museums, stately homes and lots of different tourist attractions now gradually reopening, crowd management is a hot topic.

How can the organisers limit the audience within the regulations, and keep control? The answer to this question is time slots. Time slot functionality is an integrated part of the TicketCo event payments platform, and in normal times this feature is used by massive activity based venues such as Junkyard Golf Club for organising of their tee off times.

Time slots help crowd control

But these are not normal times, and the gradual reopening after COVID-19 has created further challenges for venues, some of which tech can help. TicketCo’s time slot functionality, for example. In our home market in Norway, which is weeks ahead of UK when it comes to reopening, the museums have now embraced this solution.

They are now obliged to keep strict control over their crowd management, and they are finding normal ticketing solutions do not meet these demands.

TicketCo does.

Managing capacity via tech

Within the TicketCo platform the organiser can set up both starting times, length and capacity for their time slots. This means customers are given a time slot for their visit, which enables venues to manage the volume of visitors and maintain the required capacity. This in turn helps manage crowd flows and queues and will directly help venues handle operating at a reduced capacity during COVID-19 to support social distancing.

A seamless integration between online sale and Point of Sale enables sales through several channels. This also includes the organisers own web page, Facebook page and the box office. Through TicketCo’s integrated access control the organiser will at any time have full control of how many attendees are within the event space.

Smooth customer journey

For the ticket buyers, there are a minimum number of clicks from the start of their customer journey through to having their tickets safe within their Wallet, Passes, Passbook, e-mail or sms-register. Each ticket is sent straight to their e-mail and phone. No username or password is required, and this secures a smooth shopper experience.

Branded time slot platform

Through TicketCo’s branding solutions, the ticket buyer will also experience a complete customer journey within the organiser’s brand environment if the organiser chooses to use this free service. Our solution can be fully integrated into your platforms and white labelled.

A simple solution to a big challenge

Modern technology means there is a quick fix to what may seem like a massive challenge. If your venue now is opening up, but with crowd limitations, TicketCo’s time slot functionality may be just what you need.