5 reasons your ticket office should go digital

by | Oct 14, 2021

Paper tickets are going the same way as cash, an inconvenience that technology is rapidly replacing.


Before long they will be in the history books along with video recorders, Walkmans and the like. Digital tickets are the future proof solution that are transforming how organisers operate and fuelling the customer-first digital revolution.

Our fast-growing cashless society has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic combined with continued advancements and accessibility of technology. It has meant any organiser – of any size – can provide digital tickets online.

Here are TicketCo’s top five reasons why every ticket office and box office in the UK should go digital.

1. Cut down on queues

Have you ever arrived at a live performance or match in a hurry, only to suffer further delays by having to queue at an inadequately staffed ticket office? We’ve all been there.

Fortunately, this unnecessary and – let’s be honest – stressful process can be left in past by making your ticket or box office digital. Going digital means fans who buy tickets are immediately sent QR codes which can be scanned on a mobile device or printed out at home. It means they can purchase a ticket at anytime and go straight to the entrance to be scanned in.

National League football club Eastleigh recently signed a multi-year agreement with TicketCo to provide fans with an easy-to-use cashless ticketing solution. Tom Coffey, Operations Director at Eastleigh, said digital ticketing prevents unnecessary queues outside venues.

Tom said: “We’ve noticed a big difference on matchdays concerning queues outside the ground. Fans are no longer heading straight to the back of the queue at the ticket office to collect their passes.

For three seasons, they have been going straight to the turnstiles which saves them a significant amount of time.

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2. Easier access to tickets

Even in 2021, technology can still be a frightening word to some people. But it needn’t be.

Digital ticketing is in fact quite the opposite of complicated. It’s quick, simplistic, easily accessible and easy to navigate. Birmingham Royal Ballet sold digital tickets to its annual Nutcracker performance last year.

Paul James, Chief Commercial Officer at Birmingham Royal Ballet, concluded everyone has the ability to purchase tickets online either via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Like with any new piece of technology, there is going to be a learning process,” he said. “But I asked myself a question: ‘Could my mother do it?’ If my mother could get TicketCo’s technology to work, then anyone can – and she did it.

3. Instant dynamic reporting

Digital ticketing has transformed the way organisations measure the effectiveness of ticket sales.

It is now possible to produce daily ticketing reports that would previously take hours in just minutes. The TicketCo platform comes with a fully integrated reporting tool.

This means future sales can be maximised by effectively analysing hundreds of pieces of data which provide comprehensive sales updates. To help understand ticketholders’ buying habits, reports can be tailored into hour, day, week and month brackets.

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4. Cashless future

Earlier this year, a finance study revealed just one in six payments made in the UK are completed using cash.

Furthermore, the number of people leading a completely cashless lifestyle has almost doubled since 2019 from 7.4 million to a staggering 13.7 million. Cashless payments are quick, efficient, safe and help to fight corruption.

RFU Championship club Bedford Blues has been taking cashless payments since the start of the pandemic. Chief Operating Officer Gareth Alred believes cashless ticketing helps sports clubs and other organisations stay ahead of the game. It is COVID-19 safe, reduces security risks associated with cash and is convenient.

Tickets are scanned on phones, there is no requirement for people to share paper or touch items they don’t own themselves,” said Gareth. “As well as minimal risk, it also allows for greater efficiency in getting supporters through the gates.

No one has to visit the site or ticket office before the game, it’s all done electronically which is considerably more efficient and safer too.

5. Streamlined ticket office

Ticketing in its outdated format present laborious, time-consuming and ineffective tasks for employees to fulfil.

One by one, physical tickets are sold, printed, packaged and finally posted to the ticket-buyer. Time spent by employees or volunteers fulfilling these tasks can be delegated to far more important jobs.

Volunteer-run Newcastle Town FC experienced this issue first-hand.

Shaun Rogers, the club’s media and marketing manager, said: “Ticketing can be a very long process. Before turning digital, we would sit printing tickets off and posting tickets out for hours.

Since partnering with TicketCo, we haven’t had this issue. Supporters can buy a ticket whenever and wherever they want which is significantly easier.

Furthermore, there are no upfront costs when partnering with TicketCo so it’s a cost-effective investment.

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Written by Shaun Reynolds

Communications advisor and expert storyteller with Fortitude Communications. A former news reporter and sports editor of five years across several UK regional titles. Experienced in photography and social media management with a passion for the outdoors.

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