Wise Children on why they chose TicketCo

by | Dec 10, 2020

“The clever thing TicketCo have done is they’ve combined streaming with box office in a way that nobody else yet has, and it’s really what sets them apart”.

This bold statement by Wise Children’s Technical Director Simon Baker is just one out of many great value propositions mentioned in Wise Children’s podcast “Romantics Anonymous – The Live Broadcasts“ broadcast on 2nd November.

In this special one-off episode, Wise Children director Emma Rice sits down with Executive Producer Poppy Keeling and Simon Baker to explain how the remarkable production of Romantics Anonymous at Bristol Old Vic was done in the middle of a lockdown.

Anyone interested in either theatre, streaming or how to keep a cultural enterprise afloat during the pandemic should really listen in to this insightful 65 minute long conversation, which can be found here.

Those who want to jump straight to the TicketCo part of the conversation should start after 30 minutes, where you will find statements from Simon Baker like these:

“The traditional way to stream might be to use a streaming service like YouTube or Facebook Live or Twitch. And as I’ve said before: they’re really hard to monetise. It’s impossible to put a paywall around those kind of things.”

“I also really wanted people to be able to watch it on their TV. I was fed up with looking at my laptop and I felt everybody else must be sick of watching on theirs.”

“And then I found TicketCo, and it was just too good to be true. Here was a box office which was dead simple to use.”

“And the key thing about it was, it was protected. You couldn’t just share the link with your mates.”

“The clever thing they’ve done is they’ve combined streaming with box office in a way that nobody else yet has, and it’s really what sets them apart.”

“What we were keen to do was remove all the barriers to watching. TicketCo have an app you can download on your Apple TV. They’ve got an Android one. So it’s really simple to watch it on your telly. And that was what I wanted.”

At TicketCo, we are really pleased to have Wise Children as one of our first TicketCo Media Services clients within the arts & culture segment in UK. They achieved great results with their bold production of a full scale live pay-per-view musical during lockdown in October. Nearly 12,000 paying customers tuned into the five performances of Romantics Anonymous globally, and this success is described in this blog post.

We are also very exited about Wise Children’s thoughts about how streaming actually enables the audience to get closer to the actors on stage than they are from a seat in the theatre. This is just one of many aspects addressed in this podcast, and we do recommend everyone to listen from start to finish.

Right now Wise Children are performing The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk on demand at Bristol Old Vic from 11 to 18 December. Tickets for this show can be found here.

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Written by Tom Rasmussen

Chief Communication Officer at TicketCo. Experienced public relations adviser and strategic narrativ creator with a broad background as promotor, manager and producer from the arts and entertainment industry. Also background from publishing and public administration. Hibernating novelist and retired drummer.

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