Woking FC first UK football club using TicketCo

Mar 9, 2018

National League club Woking is the first UK football club to choose TicketCo, described as the new global standard for all event payments, as their ticketing supplier. The first two matches available for sale are the home games against Halifax and Wrexham at the 10th and the 17th of March.

“We are very excited to take this important step into the future,” says commercial manager Jess Holmes of Woking FC after releasing the tickets for the two next home matches for sale.

And the step is rather significant for the club to say the least. Until now, the National League club has de facto been a cash only club, with one single card terminal available on match days and no direct online sales. This is all about to change, as the club now is offering both cash, card and online sales. Furthermore, the actual tickets will be QR codes that easily can be stored on the fans’ smartphones and then scanned at the gate on match day.

Giving more choices to customers

“Our goal is to recruit supporters for life, but lately we have lacked the sales tools to reach younger fans. They don’t carry around cash. They are shopping online, with their mobile phones, and we needed to be present where they are. Finally we are,” states Jess Holmes.

At the same time, she is eager to point out that those who are used to buy their tickets the old way still can do so.

“We are not taking away any options. The fans who prefer cash can still use it. What we do is bringing in new options as well. We are letting our customers choose how to purchase their tickets,” she says.

There will be several entry options for the next two Woking matches that accommodates everyone: 

“You can come with cash like before, or bring a paper ticket printed at home. You can also bring your mobile and enter with your mobile ticket, like you do at airports. You can also show the ticket as an e-mail or SMS message at the gate. Or you can bring a contactless card. We have every option covered,” says the commercial manager.

Online the tickets can be ordered through the clubs home page or their Facebook page under the ‘Purchase tickets’ tab.

TicketCo as ticketing partner

When choosing a future ticketing partner, Woking went for TicketCo for several reasons. TicketCo’s client base is close to half of the Norwegian top league clubs. Carl-Erik Moberg, CSO of TicketCo, adds:

“We signed our first Norwegian top league club two years ago, and today we are the major supplier in this league. This is achieved through a strict focus on user friendliness and simplicity for both the organisers and the ticket buyers, and we are confident that both Woking FC and their great fans will be pleased with us,” says .

After the success in Norway, TicketCo launched in the UK in 2017, and is currently running a large UK market launch operation from Central London.

“We are more than just another ticketing supplier. Tickets, food & beverages, merchandise, accommodation – all of these transactions can be run through TicketCo. In Norway we have more than 1,600 active organisers signed up, and we have served more than 25,000 events. We are ready for the UK, and very honoured to be chosen by Woking as their new ticketing partner,” says Mr Moberg.

Buy tickets to the upcoming Woking FC matches here:

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